Support our Ukraine Democracy Activist Crisis Fund

Donate today to help Ukrainians on the frontlines of democracy activism

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Donate today to help Ukrainians on the frontlines of democracy activism

Ukrainian Democracy Activists Need Our Urgent Support

Global Gain has created the “Ukraine Democracy Activist Crisis Fund” to support Ukrainians who have dedicated their lives to fighting for human rights and democracy. They are in special danger from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked, unjust and merciless invasion. United States intelligence services have determined that the Russian government is compiling lists of such activists, “to be killed or sent to camps,’ in order to suppress Ukrainian resistance. Global Gain is in direct contact with democracy activists and their families whose lives have been upended by the war. The vast majority of these individuals are women, and much of their work has been specifically dedicated to empowering women leaders, the LGBTI community, and other marginalized groups.

This fund will be dedicated to relief efforts to immediately support the needs of these individuals. These needs include emergency evacuation efforts, relocation living expenses, emergent medical needs, legal services and other needs associated with the results of the crisis caused by Russia's war in Ukraine. All contributions made to the Global Gain Ukrainian Democracy Activist Fund will be used to address these needs. Please make a generous contribution today to support these courageous defenders of democracy.

Why give through Global Gain?

Several of Global Gain’s Board and Advisory Board members have worked directly with these human rights and democracy activists. We have been on the ground, working hand in hand with these activists to promote women’s leadership in politics and civil society, government accountability, tolerance and inclusion and combat disinformation Through its network of on-the-ground contacts, Global Gain has the unique ability to direct efforts specifically and immediately towards democracy activists who are likely to be targets of Russian aggression and in need of emergency support in the coming days, weeks and months.