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Launching "Women GAIN Rwanda"

Programs promoting community leadership and women's empowerment.


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Women GAIN Rwanda: Leadership and Empowering Women

Support Intwari (Courageous) Women

Empowering 150 vulnerable women in Kigali

We're excited to share with you an update on our work in Rwanda. Global GAIN launched a program during the pandemic for students at Davis College/Akilah Institute (another partner) to become community advocates, political leaders, and global citizens. The participants named the project "Intwari Women" (Intwari means hero in Kinyarwanda), and the young women really became heroes. Since then, they took our informal program and have spent the past two years planning to make it into a sustainable local NGO with an even wider reach. Gaining official registration status in Rwanda requires herculean commitment without dedicated funding. Even with support, it requires much time, savvy, and a demonstration of commitment and capacity. They recently cleared the first big hurdle and received temporary registration. Full registration happens after a series of programs are completed. This is where we need your help.

We're launching a new campaign to help our local team's program learn how to be community advocates and leaders while supporting vulnerable young women in their community. Specifically, they are committed to providing:

  • Health insurance for 250 vulnerable family members in women-led families.
  • Digital Literacy Training for 30 Young Women.
  • School fees for 30 teen mothers.
  • Vocational Training on creative, artistic, and wellness skills for 30 young women.
  • Women's Leadership Workshop for 40 women.
  • Entrepreneurship Training for 30 young women.
  • Mobile Smart Phones for 20 young women.

Global GAIN is committed to helping them with all this and providing them with office space with internet, salaries, coaching, and more. Our long-term goals are to continue and expand these programs while creating a unique community center for women-led NGOs for training, co-working, wellness, retreats, and other cultural events for women social impact entrepreneurs and advocates. But first - we need to ensure they succeed in this next phase. We're focused today on raising $18,000 USD by the end of 2023. This means we need to raise at least $4,500/month. I'm on a mission to get at least 20 people to give or raise $1,000. We'd be thrilled to exceed the goals but first, we want to ensure we meet them. Can you help?

We are asking some key supporters to recruit your friends, family, and professional network to support Global GAIN's work. By becoming a fundraiser for Global Gain, you will help train our team to become powerful advocates while providing critical support for pregnant teens, single mothers, and more vulnerable young women in Kigali. And you'll help your friends feel good about doing good.

Getting started is easy to do, and it's fun. We'll even give you all the tools you'll need to make a difference. With your help, we hope to reach our goals before November to ensure securing permanent registration status for Women GAIN in Rwanda and help empower our young women leaders and many more vulnerable women in Kigali.

When you create a personal fundraiser page today for Global GAIN, you'll support securing permanent registration status for Women GAIN in Rwanda AND help empower vulnerable women in Kigali.

Will you help our Rwandan team of young women grow as community advocates and leaders and get our permanent registration. We're counting on you!

Find out more and get started now.

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